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Hello, I’m Divya! A foodie at heart, I got into the fasting high through its gateway drug, 16/8 intermittent fasting, which kept me looking the respectably fit young lady despite my love of glorious food.

In 2020, however, when lockdown came knocking (along with my business tanking and emotional binging), fasting 16 hours a day no longer cut it. The full force of my 38-years of age came tumbling down upon me—I gained 20 pounds, my face broke out, my body went squishy, and gray hairs started rearing their ugly heads.

I was finally over the hill, and considered adopting a cat.

Almost by accident, I tried a 24-hour dry fast. Easy. I attempted a few 3-day water fasts. Doable. Over four weeks, through a combination of dry fasting, water fasting, and intermittent fasting, I lost more than 20 pounds and felt younger, fitter, and stronger than ever before. When I discovered I could eat peanuts again (and my skin didn’t crack!) I was sold.

In the months after, I was dry fasting weekly, even doing 3-day dry fasts—harrowing episodes of trial and error, since finding half-decent facts on dry fasting was like finding gold dust in a tin mine. That’s when I decided someone had to write about this, and started hackfasting.com.

I was visibly growing younger until I moved continent, lived on a boat, and sailed the Mediterranean—an incredible adventure, but dry fasting for days was near impossible. I started aging quickly—the sun, sea, and sangrias made me bloat like a toad and shriveled my skin.

But desperation is the mother of invention. After struggling for months, I finally perfected an easy fasting method to lose weight and reverse aging fast, which I share in my new eBook, The Dry Fasting Formula.

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My goal with HACK FASTING is to hack living. To give you the best resources on fasting, dry fasting, and the dry fasting lifestyle. Research shows that fasting is the answer to health and longevity, and dry fasting, the key to age-reversal. We can all heal from within, get in amazing shape, and enjoy a delicious quality of life through cleverly planned, well-deployed fasting.

My mission? For one million people to start living a dry fasting lifestyle. My vision? For humanity to live well past 250 years old. My greatest desire? To be mistaken for my granddaughter’s sister.

Join me to make these dreams a reality.


Forever young, `

Divya x




— If you love what I do, and want to support me, work with me, or just be part of the dry fasting revolution, get in touch with me at divya@hackfasting.com —