The Dry Fasting Formula



If you’re overweight and trying everything to lose it—fasting, intermittent fasting, keto dieting, exercising for hours—but still not getting results, then we have something in common!

I’m Divya, and when lockdown happened in 2020, I stopped exercising and started binge-eating, and I gained 20 pounds. I felt sluggish, unattractive, unmotivated, and quite frankly, like a sack of potatoes. Even though I’d been intermittent fasting for years and was always fit and active, I suddenly found myself in the worst state since my teens. I was 39, and I was my ultimate nightmare.

20 pounds overweight (2020)

Then I discovered dry fasting, and in 1 month, through a combination of dry fasting, water fasting, and intermittent fasting, I lost 20 pounds. Astonishingly, I also lost wrinkles, grey hairs and allergies!



I was visibly growing younger when I met the love of my life, moved continent, and started living on a boat. It was the greatest adventure of my life!

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Except now, my previous method of dry fasting for days was near impossible. I started aging quickly. The constant sunshine and eating made me bloat like a toad and shriveled my skin.

But desperation is the mother of invention!

After struggling for months, experimenting, and researching the science behind dry fasting (my Biomedical Science degree helped!), I created a lifestyle to lose weight and reverse aging fast, which I teach in my new book, The Dry Fasting Formula.



The Dry Fasting Formula

Based on revolutionary science, The Dry Fasting Formula is a weekly fasting and diet strategy that triggers a metabolic shift in your body, killing toxins, eating cancer cells, regenerating stem cells, and burning your own body fat to create your own water. The result: rapid weight loss and visible age-reversal.


Using the world’s most efficient natural fat-burning method, dry fasting is far superior to intermittent fasting or water fasting. Your metabolism is not just burning fat for energy, but also burning fat for water, so you’ll lose weight 3X faster!


Lose an average of 5 pounds (2 kgs) a week through this unique fasting strategy, while still eating the foods you love. Using gut-healing nutrition, and a macro-cycling method that resets your metabolism every week, you will also consistently lose weight, and never plateau—unlike keto or other diet plans.


Stop spending money on expensive creams, facials, and treatments. This anti-aging hack spikes autophagy and human growth hormone levels whilst regenerating stem cells, boosting collagen production and recycling old skin into new skin, so you’ll look years younger!


You don’t have to exercise to lose weight, you only exercise if you want to gain muscle (or just to feel goood!). Although if you choose to work out, even a little, you’ll get toned super quick with this one simple trick that I teach you.


You’ll get a 30-day fasting training and nutrition guide tailor-made to your fasting level, so you can lose weight regardless of how experienced you are and become a fasting pro in no time.


All the protocols on preparation, breaking, and doing fasting properly, so you’ll get the most benefits with the least effort. To start losing weight and looking younger, simply do 12 hours of dry fasting today (or stop drinking water after dinner!).

What People Are Saying…

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Alexander Shulz
Clear, straightforward and easy-to-read, Divya’s book is a brilliant mix of practical instruction and scientific fact. For anyone contemplating a journey into fasting, this book is just the companion you need. It lays out the benefits and the techniques in a simple, actionable and entertaining way. Pitched at the beginner, it also offers constructive guidance for the intermediate-level and experienced faster. I found it to be informative and inspiring in equal measure.”
2 1
Devakhi Nathan
“Packed with researched science, the injections of humour makes this so accessible! A must read!”

Have a think for a moment… How would you like to… 

  • Drop several dress sizes within weeks
  • Have increased happiness and gratitude
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Eat the foods you love but still lose weight
  • Have a healthier gut with less sensitivities
  • Cure dozens of health issues
  • Improve allergic reactions, including asthma
  • Never get sick or fall ill
  • Have more energy and vitality
  • Naturally crave healthier foods
  • Reduce wrinkles and get glowing skin
  • Remove loose and saggy skin
  • Intuitively understand your body’s signals
  • Improve memory and brain power
  • Increase fertility
  • Never worry again that you can’t lose weight after 30

Here’s a few other helpful things you’ll find in this book:

  • Procedures to reset your gut
  • Meal plans and best foods and liquids
  • Exercise hacks to change your outlook
  • Supplements to support weight loss & anti-aging
  • The importance of timing when fasting
  • Safety & best practice
  • Leading-edge scientific research


Part travel journal, part instruction manual, part life-changing formula, this is no boring textbook! Narrated through my delicious and perilious experiences while sailing across the Mediterranean during a global pandemic, The Dry Fasting Formula will keep you flipping the page.


5 1
Melinda Anter
“I love the book Divya wrote! She shares so many ideas and combines it with her humor, I learned so much and had a smile on my face – I couldn’t wait to start each chapter as she shared a personal experience which many times had me laughing but also finding my own personal “ah ha” moments. I have recommended it to my friends and family!
3 9
Helen Louise
“The Dry Fasting Formula book is so easy, fun, interesting and clear to read compared to some of the fasting books I’ve read that’s out there on sale, especially on how autophagy works with dry fasts (making your own metabolic water) … you won’t be disappointed with this read ! This lifestyle gives me more leeway if I want to have the odd treats, holidays ,attending party functions etc and I still manage to maintain my weight throughout give or take a couple of pounds!”


Here’s a list of the 27 Chapters and 198 pages in The Dry Fasting Formula, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

  1. The Art of Dry Fasting
  2. Science Lesson: The Miracle Of Dry Fasting
  3. Aging Backward: The Benjamin Button Code
  4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  5. Dry Fasting: Fat Loss
  6. Dry Fasting is a Hack to Ketosis
  7. Ketosis Aids: The Support Team
  8. A Sexy Body is a Hop, Skip and Jump Away
  9. Dry Fasting: The Life and Times
  10. Circadian Fasting
  11. Dry Fasting Benefits
  12. Water Fasting Essentials
  13. Water Fasting vs. Dry Fasting
  14. You’re a Very Pretty Looking Digestive Tract
  15. Dry Fasting: The Last Supper
  16. How You Break Your Fast, Makes Your Fast
  17. Conscious Eating: Food, Glorious Food
  18. Failing To Plan is Planning to Fail
  19. Safety, Fact and Fiction
  20. Risks and Side Effects
  21. Dry Fasting: Whiff of the Dragon
  22. The Dry Fasting Formula: User’s Manual
  23. The Dry Fasting Formula: Your Level
  24. The Dry Fasting Formula: Your Mission
  25. The Dry Fasting Formula: Week 1
  26. The Dry Fasting Formula: Week 2 – Week 5
  27. The Dry Fasting Formula Lifestyle


1 2
Asha Nair
Love how this book made me better understand how my body works. I’ve regulated my eating habits and shedding the pounds! I didn’t realize it was that easy :)”6 7

Sonia Meraki

“My cravings for anything unhealthy completely stopped. I was losing a lot of hair due to stress a year ago and it had reduced tremendously. My hair is thriving now! I highly recommend this lifestyle and must add, Divya has made this so simple to follow and do.”


7 4

Sasie Subramaniam
“With dry fasting, I feel more energetic and active! I thought I would feel lethargic and tired but that wasn’t the case at all. My stomach felt flatter, and my skin acnes were slowly fading away. I lost 3 kgs in that 1 month. Though I only did a 1 month dry fast (either alternative or 2-3 times a week) which was very beginner friendly, I felt really good!”


I could give you a hundred reasons more on why you should read this book. Instead, I’ll offer you a 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don’t like it or honestly don’t believe it’s been helpful to you, I’ll give your money back, no problems, no questions asked, and you can keep the book anyway!



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Listen, this is where you can make a different choice. This is your big moment to do that one small thing that changes everything. After all, life is like a toilet roll, the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes!

Sure, you could just accept that weary feeling in your body, settle for not having energy, take painkillers for the aches, or keep doing what I did, caress your flabby belly affectionately and say, “I love myself, I love myself,” 100 times a day.

Or, you could read this book, you could change your thinking, you could rewind your toilet roll ending, and you could smell like roses again!

Created from years of fasting experience and the best resources out there, including cutting-edge science, The Dry Fasting Formula is your ultimate guide to the oldest (and cheapest) health hack there is!

The Dry Fasting Formula is a PDF document and an E-book. Grab a copy and print it out, then bind it and hang it in your kitchen!

This book came from a desire to help others feel amazing in their bodies, and I hope to help more people through your purchase. Thanks for your support!

10% of profits from The Dry Fasting Formula goes towards dry fasting research so that this revolutionary science will become common wisdom.

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