Hi Beautiful, I’m Divya, I’m 42, and today I feel like a happy, vibrant 25!

But I wasn’t always like this.

I grew up teased as the ‘fat kid,’ so as an adult, I did everything to look good — dieting, fasting, calorie counting, crazy exercising, and it worked.

Until the pandemic.

I was 38, lost my business, and trapped in an apartment, I started binge eating.

In just months, I gained over 20 pounds, felt lethargic, sluggish, had dull skin that kept breaking out, and now couldn’t get rid of the weight!

I thought my life was over.

Then, I discovered dry fasting, and in one month, I lost 20 pounds! I also lost wrinkles, grey hair, and allergies; I looked over a decade younger.

Since then, I’ve created the world’s top science-backed blog on dry fasting, written a book, and been teaching women dry fasting for weight loss, healing, and anti-aging.

Research shows dry fasting can heal multiple health issues and induce rapid fat loss through metabolic water creation. Women can lose a healthy 20 pounds in just one month, and get younger in record time!

The good news? You can experience the healing benefits of dry fasting even in 12 short hours, even while asleep. 

The better news? I’m going to show you how to heal and reverse aging with dry fasting, and I’ve joined forces with two other transformational coaches to help with emotional embodiment  and inner work, so you can become lighter, brighter and younger, and stay that way!

I hope you’re excited… because this will be life-changing!

Masterclass Facilitators


Divya Nambiar (BSc. Biomedical Science) founded Hackfasting.com, the world’s top science-backed blog on dry fasting. Divya started dry fasting at 39, during Covid, when she gained 20 pounds, but lost it all in month after discovering dry fasting. She also reversed grey hairs, wrinkles and allergies. Author of the book, The Dry Fasting Formula, she has helped hundreds of women lose weight & heal through a dry fasting lifestyle. Today, at 42, Divya dry fast 12-24 hours daily, but also has done prolonged dry fasts of up to 9 days.

Dhanya Nambiar (BSc. Psychology, CPCP) is an Expert in Human Transformation. She’s an International coach & Wellness Consultant at The KL Sky Clinic with more than a decade of coaching experience. Creator of “The Into-E.A.T.-ive Diet”. Having struggled with eating disorders & addiction for decades she now runs 1:1 transformational programs, helping women understand the “Energetics of Food”.

Tianna Sufian is the founder of YogDaan Yoga, a holistic yoga retreat centre based in Darjeeling conducting various wellness programs in Asia & Himalayas. Tianna is also a certified E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (with over 2000+ hrs teaching experience), Holistic Yoga & Transformational Coach, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Sound Alchemist, Energy Healer, Certified OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator, Breathwork & Kirtan Music Facilitator, Singer and Musician.

Ramadan is not just a sacred time of abstinence, it’s also a golden opportunity for healing.


Because over one billion people around the world are practising dry fasting, and that’s something to celebrate!

But dry fasting is not just a Muslim practice.

Every major faith recommends dry fasting, including the Muslims, Christians (Ester fast), Hindus (Ekadesi), Jewish (Yom Kippur), and Bahais.

And research now shows that dry fasting can heal multiple health issues, including chronic illnesses.

Research also shows dry fasting can triple the speed of fat loss, through metabolic water creation!

In other words, dry fasting is God’s greatest gift to humanity!

The gift of healing, simply by BEING.

And you can experience the healing benefits of dry fasting even in 12 short hours, with either:

Ramadan-style dry fasting, 7 AM to 7 PM, while awake!

Nightly Intermittent dry fasting, 7 PM to 7 AM, while asleep!!!

Ramadan Radiance is a series of masterclasses that celebrates the power of intermittent dry fasting and is designed for women who want to manage weight, heal and reverse ageing through living a dry fasting lifestyle.