Here’s a controversial subject…

Should you take supplements with your dry fasting lifestyle?

Well, I didn’t use to think so.

I used to think dry fasting did all the work. And really it does magic.

Then, I did a 7-day dry fast, and grew a few white hairs! And I realised that maybe I didn’t supplement as well as I could, as the prolonged fast likely pulled the nutrients it needed from my hair!

This could have been avoided if I supplemented before the dry fast.

Now, I usually do dry fasts of 16- 36 hours, so it’s not all bad, as it won’t likely get to the hair-pulling stage!

But the importance of nutrition supplementation has stayed with me. Not just before, but definitely AFTER dry fasting.

There’s a few reasons why you should consider supplementing when dry fasting.

Food today is nowhere near as nutritious as it was half a century ago. Today, our soil is depleted of nutrients, which means our produce is barren.

Second, eating organic is expensive, and you don’t really know where most of your food is coming from.

Third, you’d need to eat a wide variety to get all the nutrients you need – and we’re limited after dry fasting on food options.

Fourth, you can supplement with ancient herbs and superfoods that you really don’t get anywhere else and magnify specific benefits.

The main crux of it is that supplements help because you get a lot of nutrients with little effort. And before, and especially AFTER dry fasting, when you have new stem cells, you want primo nutrition.

Adding to your dry fast lifestyle can be useful when you simply can’t get the healthiest, most organic foods, or want to get certain results.

Why I Choose To Supplement

I use dry fasting to look and feel younger, however, I also travel a lot, so I don’t always get access to the highest quality nutrition.

Although I’ve been on just food for years, this year, I started combining my dry fasting routine with supplements to amplify my results with how my body and skin looks and feels – and I love how healthy I feel, and how I don’t need to worry about what I’m eating so much.

All the supplements on this page are what I personally use and recommend. If you eat a healthy, organic, balanced diet, with loads of variety, then maybe you don’t need them… but who has time to blend 20 ingredients every morning!

Plus, why not use the best of nature and science to amplify dry fasting’s potency. After all, the healthier your body is, the easier it will be to keep the weight off and look and feel younger for longer! 

Younger Skin Supplements 

Of course, you can eat for younger, glowing skin. And you should! Fatty fish, bone broth, walnuts, foods high in Vit C, and dark chocolate are all amazing for your skin!

However, for ease, For skin health and glow, this is my pick.

Since I live in Ibiza, the party island of Spain (and some say the world! ),in summer, I often have friends visiting over long weekends (think never-ending drinking and feeding debaucheries), and my hangovers have been much tamer since incorporating this little known vitamin into my supplement regime.

My skin still looks good, even after all that wine and ‘bad’ fried seafood! (Yes fried oils are the most inflammatory things you could have , which is why I ingest the most anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants I can find!)

On skin, I’m also a fan of this Hyaluronic acid and collagen-booster support my dry fasting lifestyle’s ability to produce more collagen. 

Because dry fasting can increase human growth hormone by 2000%, you naturally create more collagen, so you’ll have tighter, taunter skin with fewer wrinkles – but some supplements provide the raw materials that help dry fasting do its magic even better!

Although I have these supplements daily, and you can choose for works for your budget, I also make extra sure I take them on the day I break my fast – after all, I want my new cells to have the best nutrition possible to stay young. After all, a 1-day dry fast, is a full immune system reboot.

Results of patented tests over 50 years have been incredible for multiple health issues, and switching to this vitamin does seem to help with my skin tauntness.

Of course, a natural way to have beautiful skin is to make bone broth soup and eat loads of salmon and bone cartilage.

Anti-Aging Supplements 

For overall anti-aging, I’m all over this top secret Chinese Herb, Astralagus root! If you haven’t heard of it, you should! Some information has been kept susssh, because of certain patents, but pharmaceutical research is showing that Astralagus root has significant age-reversal effects on the immune system.

Astralagus root has been used as an age-prolonging herb in China for over 2000 years, and now it’s in my supplement cabinet.

When you do take supplements, you should consider the potency you’re getting and well your body can absorb the nutrients, and this formulation of Astralagus Root is 100% bioavailable with the the most potency in the market (as far as I know!). It’s not cheap, but it’s effective.